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Residential Dumpster

We offer a range of residential dumpsters designed to meet the needs of homeowners and renters in Arizona.

Commercial Dumpster

We understand the unique needs of businesses and commercial establishments regarding waste disposal, and our range of commercial dumpsters is designed to meet those needs seamlessly.

The Best Dumpster Rental in Phoenix, Arizona

Are you in need of reliable waste management solutions in Arizona? Look no further than Around Town Dumpster Rental, your trusted locally-owned dumpster rental service. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, we strive to provide efficient and hassle-free waste disposal options across the state for residential and commercial needs.

We Offer 12 & 20 yards Dumpster!

Soon, we will also offer a 4-yard dumpster, which provides a smaller option than the 12- and 20-yard dumpsters, which can benefit customers with limited space or smaller waste disposal needs.
By offering both sizes, the service can accommodate a range of needs for waste disposal, from smaller residential projects to larger commercial or construction endeavors. Customers can choose the size that best fits their requirements, ensuring they have adequate space for their waste without paying more than they need.

Around Town Dumpster Rental The Best Dumpster Rental in Phoenix
12-yard dumpster

A 12-yard dumpster can hold approximately 12 cubic yards of waste. These are often used for smaller projects like home cleanouts, minor renovations, or small construction jobs.

0 tons included
Around Town Dumpster Rental
20-yard dumpster

A 20-yard dumpster can hold approximately 20 cubic yards of waste. These are larger and suitable for bigger projects like larger home renovations, construction sites, or commercial cleanouts.

0 tons included

Why Choose Around Town Dumpster Rental?

Local Expertise

As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the unique needs and challenges of waste management in Arizona. Our team is familiar with local regulations and strives to provide tailored solutions that meet your requirements.

Wide Range of Dumpster Sizes

Whether you're tackling a small home renovation project or managing a large-scale construction site, we have a variety of dumpster sizes to accommodate your needs. From compact 12-yard dumpsters to spacious 20-yard containers, we have the perfect solution for projects of any scale.

Prompt and Reliable Service

We understand the importance of timely waste removal, which is why we prioritize prompt delivery and pickup of our dumpsters. With Around Town Dumpster Rental, you can count on reliable service that keeps your project on track.

Competitive Pricing

We believe that quality waste management should be accessible to all. That's why we offer competitive pricing and transparent billing with no hidden fees. Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions that fit within your budget.

Environmentally Conscious

We are committed to sustainable waste management practices at Around Town Dumpster Rental. We work to minimize environmental impact by recycling and responsibly disposing of waste materials whenever possible.

Don’t let waste management be a headache for your project. Trust the experts at Around Town Dumpster Rental to provide efficient, reliable, and affordable solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule your dumpster rental in Arizona. Let us handle the waste so you can focus on what matters most.

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Once your dumpster is in place, simply fill it with your waste materials. Our dumpsters are designed for easy loading, with convenient access doors for hassle-free disposal.


When your project is complete or your dumpster is full, call us, and we'll schedule a pickup at your convenience. We'll remove the dumpster and dispose of its contents responsibly, leaving your site clean and clutter-free.

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